Amsterdam overview


As my last day in Amsterdam comes to an end, here are some of my highlights from this long weekend.


IMG_3883.JPGBitterballen: This snack is a deep fried meatball and typical Dutch bar food. It came with a mustard dipping sauce to add a little flavor. I tried these in a small cafe because I had heard they were a must try for Dutch food!





IMG_4186.JPGStroopwafel: I stopped in a small cafe for a latte and stumbled upon this delicious treat. It consists of two small waffles stuck together with syrup and is also a common Dutch dessert. Bonus: it went perfectly with my latte. YUM!



img_4188Canal tour: The canal tour by far was most relaxing and interesting part of our city explorations. Because the weather was quite rainy, it was nice to step inside a covered boat and sail through the numerous canals of Amsterdam. Our tour gave us a lot of background information on the city’s history, and we were able to enjoy seeing multiple districts of the large city.


Van Gogh museum: While I’m not an art fanatic, this was a lovely museum IMG_4185.JPGfull of Van Gogh’s artwork and letters sent to and from his family and acquaintances. The art of course was amazing, but it was the history and details uncovered about Vincent Van Gogh’s life that I found most intriguing. I could spend another 2 hours there and still have more to to discover!





Museum of bags and purses: This museum was a lucky find! It was included in the Iamsterdam card we purchased and it turned out to be a charming and unique exhibit. The museum took us through the history of handbags starting in the early 1600s to the modern handbags we use today. There also was a Royal Handbag exhibit displaying purses and bags used by royals, such as Queen Elizabeth II.




Architecture: The buildings in Amsterdam are truly magical. The grand Dam Square and towering canal homes all set the scene and preserve the history of Amsterdam.

Locals: Everyone here has been so friendly and welcoming! Every time I look lost, there is always someone who will ask if they can help out.


Overall, Amsterdam treated us wonderfully! It is an enchanting city full of diverse attractions that can appeal to people of all interests. Let me know what you love about Amsterdam in the comments below!

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