Overview: Brussels & Bruges

Here are my favorite moments from my time in Brussels and Bruges!


IMG_4683.JPGWaffles: Everyone rages about the Belgian chocolate, and believe me, it is amazing. However, I feel that the waffles are not given enough credit as a Belgian sweet treat. I had two of these throughout our trip because one was just not enough! Even without any toppings, they are sugary and melt in your mouth-for only 1 euro. YUMMMMMM!



Fries: Let me just start off by saying I absolutely love fries back home no matter where they’re from, but these Belgian fries are a close rival most of my favorite potato cookers back home. Belgium prides itself on its mayonnaise (they put it with everything) so they have a lot of mayonnaise-based sauces to accompany their fries. I chose a samuri sauce for mine, giving it a little bit of a spicy kick.


IMG_4679.JPGCafe Delirium: We found Cafe Delirium, a two-story bar with over 2,004 beers, and quickly became acquainted with some of Belgium’s finest brews. If you’re not much of a beer person (like me) you will still be able to find something you enjoy. They had a wide variety of fruity and lighter beers for someone who is new to the beer drinking scene.



img_4413Museum of Musical Instruments: We found this museum in Brussels and it ended up taking us most of the afternoon to get through all of the exhibits. There are four floors and all displays have an audio component so viewers can hear how each instrument sounds. If you’re on a time crunch and don’t have all day to see and hear everything, the keyboard floor is by far the most interesting-they even have a two-sided grand piano!



Grand Place: This is the most magnificent area of Brussels. City Hall and other large monumental buildings (now hosting banks and other businesses) enclose an inner square. The architecture here is stunning and it’s easy to spend your time just gawking at the scene.




IMG_4677.JPGBelfry Tower: While we did not have the time (or the stamina) to climb all 366 steps to the top, the Belfry Tower still made an impression. It is located in the main square of Bruges and is an entrance to a small inner courtyard. The tower contains a carillon, a hand keyboard that plays bells out to the city.


IMG_4628.JPGHistory: Belgium has a lot of rich history that the locals are dedicated to remembering. There are multiple statues and monuments throughout Brussels, Bruges and other surrounding cities that pay homage to the World Wars. Bruges also is so preserved in its architecture from multiple art periods, such as Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance, that it shares its history in a fairytale-like charm for travelers to experience.



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