Avignon Overview

Although we were in Avignon for a short time, this city is quaint and so welcoming! It is perfect for a weekend getaway. Take a look at some of my favorite parts!


IMG_5666.jpgLemon tart: One of my favorite things about France is the amount of pastries and desserts they have to try! I stopped in a pastry shop one afternoon and chose this lemon tart. This has been my favorite dessert I’ve eaten so far!



img_5692Pizza: We stopped by a bakery stand on the street for a quick lunch and I found this pizza for less than 3 euros. Cheapest lunch I’ve had yet, and it was delicious!


IMG_5550.jpgPalais des Papes: This is one of Avignon’s “claim to fame.” For over 100 years, the Catholic Church was split between Rome and Avignon as a place for the pope to reside. After the Catholic Church reunited, the palace was used as a military barracks, so there is a lot of slendor and detail that was lost. However, it was still fascinating to walk through the rooms and have an idea what it once looked like.

img_5629Jardin des Domes: This garden is nestled right next to the Palais des Papes. Had we not gotten lost on our way to the Avignon bridge, Pont d’Avignon, it would have been difficult to find. This garden is gorgeous, with fountains and a perfect view of the city. It’s a peaceful place to take a stroll and unwind from the day of sightseeing.


Although we had a wonderful time in Avignon, I would definitely recommend it as a summer trip. There were so many shops and attractions that were closed or only partly open due to it being the off season. I guess this means I’ll have to come back!


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