Madrid Overview

¡Estoy en España! I’m so excited to finally be in the country where I can speak the language! Take a look at some of the best moments of my two days in Madrid.


IMG_6005.JPGTapas: We had the opportunity to try wide variety of tapas while in Madrid. Usually once a round of drinks has been ordered, the restaurants will bring out a complimentary plate of pinchos (tapas) for the group to snack on. Pictured here is a spoonful of mashed potatoes with small pieces of ham inside.



IMG_5985.JPGPaella: On our last day in Madrid, we decided to treat ourselves to a big lunch and went out to find some true Spanish paella. I tried paella mariscos (seafood) and it was incredible! The fish is a little difficult to eat since they leave it in the shells, but it was a fun learning experience. I can’t wait to try paella with other ingredients, too.



IMG_5980.JPGChocolate con churros: In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge chocolate-anything fan. Of course, the famous snack of hot chocolate and churros was on my list of things to try. We visited a churros shop that had all types of churros and fillings, but I chose to stick with the traditional dessert. While I can’t say I was totally impressed with the churros, the hot chocolate was amazing! It is much thicker here than in the U.S. and tastes like a melted chocolate bar!


IMG_5934.JPGTemple of Debod: This park and temple is gorgeous! We walked along the palm tree covered paths and were able to see the Royal Palace from a distance. Although Spain is primarily Catholic, there are touches of Islamic influences that can be seen, such as the Temple of Debod. I also hear it beautiful at night when there are lights illuminating the structures.


Gran Vía: We spent many hours walking along the Gran Vía going through stores and little bakeries and restaurants. The street also houses a lot of diverse architecture, so it was interesting to just wander around and take in the scene.




IMG_6265.JPGStreet performers: As we were walking around the city, there were many times when we would run into a group of people crowded around watching a street performer. There is a wide variety of performers, from a Michael Jackson impersonation to a sitting man with no head. It was amusing to see all the different talents Madrid had to offer. Just make sure to be wary of your personal items, these performances are a hot spot for pickpocketers!


Since my time in Madrid was so short, I’m hoping to have a couple of other opportunities to visit in the next four months! Let me know if there are any other attractions/restaurants/experiences you recommend in the comments below.



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