Seville overview

This past weekend in Seville was amazing! There is so much to do and yet it doesn’t feel like a huge city. Check out some of my highlights of the trip.


Sangria: It’s true what they say about the sangria in Spain! We stopped at a small restaurant near the cathedral for some lunch and ordered a liter of Sangria to share. With the warm weather and fruity drink, it felt like summer in February. Delicious!



Tapas: Tapas in Sevilla are the way to go when you are ready to eat. Every single place we went had a wide selection and it was fun to try a lot of different Spanish dishes! I definitely recommend patatas bravas or huevos rotos con jamon (pictured). Both are yummy, filling and fun to share with friends.



Alcázar: This palace is a must see! It was originally designed by Muslim kings, and still continues to house the royal family today on their visits to Seville. The Alcázar has numerous courtyards and gardens that are enchanting to wander through. As you walk along the main garden, be prepared to smell oranges. There are hundreds of orange and lemon trees that line the pathways!


Plaza de España: Unlike most major plazas in Spain, the Plaza de España in Seville has a river that runs through the center. Many people rent boats and leisurely sail along the river and admire the many intricate bridges throughout the site. The Plaza de España is a great place to relax and enjoy different styles of Spanish architecture. There are also plenty of street musicians to enjoy ask you walk along the decorated paths!

Seville soccer game: Our group was lucky enough to score tickets to the F.C. Seville vs. S.D. Eibar soccer (fútbol) game! Spainards take their soccer very seriously, and their competitive spirit and energy was contagious. By the end of the game, a lot of us were joining in on the F.C. Seville fight song! Seville won the game 2-0 and even scored in the last two minutes of the game! It was an amazing experience to enjoy the national pastime as a local.


Weather: Our weather in Seville was perfect! Temperatures averaged about 70 Fahrenheit, and there was a slight breeze to cool us off during our long walks through the city. Seville is known to have a warm climate, but I was shocked how nice it was for February! Not too hot, not too cold, AND we missed the high tourist season! Here’s the view from the top of Seville’s great cathedral.

What else do you love about Seville? Let me know in the comments below!



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